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All American Lock and Key, Inc. your Kawasaki Motorcycle locksmith is proud to serve you at your location with professional locksmith services to all Vehicles. As a licensed and trained locksmith company, which work with experienced Kawasaki Motorcycle local locksmith techs we will assure you the best service. Our locksmith techs understands the importance of fast and effective services especially when you got locked out of your car or when you lost your keys. Our locksmith team will be able to assists you with locks and your Kawasaki key replacement which will include programming as well. We also provide services in cases in which the keys are stuck in the ignition or were broken inside of it. Our mobile locksmith technicians will be at your disposal at any given moment with innovative and most progressed equipment that can solve almost any problem with your Kawasaki motorcycle.



Kawasaki Motorcycle Locksmith Services Locations:

San Francisco -Oakland- San Jose - Bay Area



Business Hours: Our Locksmith Technicians at your service for 24 Hours all year long, open now.


Our Locksmith Services - Kawasaki Motorcycle:

  • Kawasaki broken Key removed (key extraction)
  • Kawasaki ignition key made, including transponder keys
  • Kawasaki won't turn, key or Kawasaki stuck in ACC position
  • Ignitions repair - Ignition won't turn, or key stuck in ACC position: In case of ignition malfunction where the ignition won't turn or when your ignition was damaged, stick or Jammed. Our locksmith techs will be able to assist you at any given time.
  • Kawasaki ignitions replace - Our mobile locksmith shop has different kinds of ignitions that can be replaced on the spot.
  • Kawasaki cylinder replacement
  • Kawasaki Key replacement - In case you've lost your keys, need to replace or repair an existing key or would like to change your keys for any reason. We will be able to curve a new key for your car and program it to fit to your car system. Our locksmith team will be able provide you these services.
  • Kawasaki lock / Kawasaki / cylinder Re key (rekey)
  • ECU/ECM reflash, ECU programming, ICU, Immobilizer Module


Locksmith Specialist - Kawasaki Motorcycle Models:


Kawasaki Cruiser: Vulcan 2000 • Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic/Classic LT/Nomad/Voyager • Vulcan 1600 Nomad • Vulcan 1600 Classic • Vulcan 1600 Mean Streak • Vulcan 1500 Drifter • Vulcan 900 Classic • Vulcan 800 Classic • Vulcan 800 Drifter • Eliminator • Kawasaki Estrella • Vulcan 700 • Vulcan 750 • Vulcan 400/500/750/800/900/1500/1600/1700/2000 • Vulcan 500 LTD • Kawasaki 454 LTD • Vulcan 400 Classic - similar to the VN1600 and the VN800. • Vulcan 400 Drifter


Kawasaki Dual purpose: KLR250 / KLX250S / KLX400SR / KLE400 / KLE500 / KLR650 KLX650C Super Sherpa (KL250G/H) Kawasaki / F1TR Kawasaki / F2TR Kawasaki J1TR


Kawasaki Streetbikes: A1 Samurai 250 (1967–1971) / A7 Avenger 350 (1967–1971)/ B85 & B85M 125 (1965) / D1 100 (1966–1969) / Eliminator 125 / ER-5 / Fury 125 / H1 Mach III 500 (1969–1975) / H2 Mach IV 750 (1971–1975) / KH500 (1976 only) KH125 Kawasaki KSR110 S1 Mach I 250 (1971–1975) S2 Mach II 350 (1971–1975) Versys Z750 Z800 Z1000 ZRX1200R ZZR250 ZZR400 ZZR600 ZZR1100 ZZR1200 ZZR1400, also marketed as the ZX-14


Kawasaki Ninja 250R (A.K.A. EX250, GPZ 250, ZZ-R250) (Production year: 1986–present) Ninja 300 (A.K.A. EX300) (Production year: 2012–present) Ninja 400R (A.K.A. EX400, (Production year: 2011–present) Ninja 500R (A.K.A. EX500, GPZ500S, ZZ-R500) (Production year: 1987–2009) Ninja 650R (A.K.A. ER-6F EX650R) (Production year: 2006–present) Ninja ZX-150RR (A.K.A. KR150, KR150K, KRR150, Ninja 150 RR, Ninja RR) (Production year: 1996–present) Ninja ZX-6R and 6RR (Production year: 1995–present) Ninja ZX-750 F2 (Production year: 1988 Special Edition) Ninja 1000 (A.K.A. Z1000Sx) (Production year: 2011–present) Ninja ZX-10R (Production year: 2004–present) Ninja ZX-12R


Kawasaki Sport-Touring: ZG-1000 Concours / GTR1000 Concours 14 / 1400GTR Voyager 1700 (reintroduced in 2009)


These models no longer in production but don't hesitate to inquire, Our locksmith specialists might just have the solution you need to your lost key problem:


A1 Samurai 250cc A7 Avenger 350cc Kawasaki AE50 50CC (produced 1981–1986) Kawasaki AE80 80cc (produced 1981–1986) Kawasaki AR50 50cc (produced 1981–1994) Kawasaki AR80K 80cc (produced 1981–1990) B7 Pet (Step-Thru) B8 125cc (1962–1965) Kawasaki B8M Red-Tank Furore 125cc 1962–1965) C2SS & C2TR (1964–1968) G1M 100cc (1967) G31M Centurion (1970–1971) Kawasaki G4TR G4 'Trail Boss' produced in early 1970 (1971 (G4TR-A), 1972 (B), 1973 (C), 1974 (D), 1974 G4TR-A 'Agi'Bike, 1975 (E), 1975 G4TRAA 'Agi'Bike). 10 speed - 5 high 5 low 997cc Kawasaki KV100 KV100 A7-A9 (1976–78) KV100 B2-B4 (1976–78)mainly sold as farm ('agi') bike in Australia, New Zealand & Canada [1] F11M 250cc (1967) F21M "Green Streak" (1968–1971) F3 Bushwhacker 175cc (1968–1970) F4 Sidewinder 250cc (1969–1970) F5 Bighorn 350cc (1970–1971) F6 Enduro 125cc (1971–1974) F7 Enduro 175cc (1971–1975) F8 Bison 250cc (1971–1972) F81M "Green Streak" 250cc (1971) F9 Bighorn 350cc (1971–1975) ER500A/D 498cc (1996–2008) Ninja ZXR 250 / ZX-2R (produced: 1988–1999) Ninja ZXR 400 (produced: 1991–1999) Ninja ZXR 750 / ZX-7 (L model [zx7] street; M model [zx7r] race 93-95) (produced: 1984–1995) Ninja ZX-7R / ZX-7RR (J model [ZX7] street; K model [ZX7R] race 91-92)(produced: 1996–2003) Ninja ZX-9R (produced: 1994–2003) Ninja 1000R (produced: 1986–1987) Ninja ZX-10 / ZZR-1000 (produced: 1988–1990) Ninja ZX-11 / ZZR 1100 (produced: 1990–2001) ZZR1200 / ZZ-R1200 (produced: 2002 - 2005) GPz750 (produced: 1983–1987) GPZ1100B1/B2 (produced: 1981–1982) GPZ1100E (produced: 1995–1996) GPZ250R (Released in Japan only) (produced:1985-?) GPZ305 (produced 1983–1994) GPz750 Turbo (produced: 1983–1985) Ninja GPZ900R (produced: 1984–2003) Ninja 600R AKA: GPz600R, GPX600R, ZX600A-C (produced: 1985–1997) ZX600A Website with Specs. 454 LTD (produced: 1985–1990) Kawasaki S1 Mach I 250cc (produced: 1972) (a two-stroke triple) Kawasaki S2 Mach II 350cc (produced: 1972) (a two-stroke triple) S3 400 (a two-stroke triple) Kawasaki H1 Mach III 500cc (produced: 1968–1972) (a two-stroke triple) Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750cc (a two-stroke triple) KR250 AR125 ZG1200 Voyager XII (Four) ZN1300 Voyager XIII (Six) KE100 (produced 1976–2001) KL250A1/A2/A3/A4 (produced: 1978–1981) KR-1/KR-1S/KR-1R (produced: 1989) KH250/400/500 (See article) Z500/Z550 (A.K.A. KZ500, KZ550, GPz550) (produced: 1979–1985) Z750B (Twin) (produced: 1976–1978) Z1/KZ900 (produced: 1972–1976; Z900 sold in North America as KZ900) Z1R (factory production cafe racer 1015cc four-cylinder; produced 1978–1980) Z750RS Z2 (produced: 1973–1978) KZ750L3 (produced: 1983) KZ750L4 (produced: 1984) KZ200 (produced: 1980–1984) KZ305CSR KZ400/Z400 (produced: 1974–1984) KZ440/Z440 KZ350 Z650 (produced: 1976–1983; sold in North America as KZ650) Z1000-H (Fuel Injected, Produced 1980) Z1000-ST (Shaft drive, Produced 1979 -1981) KZ1300 (Six cylinder) ZL900A Eliminator (produced 1985–1986) ZL600A Eliminator (produced 1986 only ??) ZN700LTD (produced 1984–1985) ZR-7 (produced: 1999–2003) ZEPHYR 750 (produced: 1991–1999) ZR-1100 KSR II W650 (produced: 1999- 2007 ) Voyager ZZR1100 (produced: 1990–2002) KZ-1000 (various configurations; produced 1977–1980) KZ-1100 (various configurations; produced 1981–1983) AE 50 (produced: circa 1981–1982) KZ900 A4 (produced: ca 1976) Kawasaki F1TR 175cc (1966) Kawasaki F2TR 175cc (1967) Kawasaki J1TR 85cc (1967).





Ever been a victim of a Kawasaki motorcycle theft? Many events of motorcycle theft are done using foreign objects such as wires and screw drivers etc. Our professional and trained locksmith team is able to assist you in any one of the scenarios mentioned and more. We are available 24 hours for 7 days a week and always ready to help you.


If you are ready to order a locksmith service its better if you have your Kawasaki VIN (vehicle identification number) in front of you.

Need a Kawasaki Motorcycle locksmith? Need a new lock or key for your Kawasaki Motorcycle ?San Francisco? Looking For an Kawasaki Motorcycle locksmith in your area? Oakland? New ignition key for Kawasaki Motorcycle? Unlock Kawasaki Motorcycle? Kawasaki cylinder repair or replace? Kawasaki Motorcycle ignition repair or replacement? Our locksmith team also provides replacement worn out key, Electronic key, Key Fob, Programmable key, Smart Key, and Flip Key. We can assist with Remote head keys issues such as: Keyless entry, Remote head key, Push to Start Key, 1/2/3/4 Button Keys, Clicker, Control, Transmitter/Beeper. In Cases of key programs for instant: Key Fob, Chip, Transponder, Electronic/Fobik. Our professional technicians are able to provide other services such as: Case holder replacement, Computer reflash, Ignition Tuning, Cylinder housing, Ignition installation, Immobilizer antenna or Radio frequency issues. Call our locksmith specialists Toll Free 877-747-5625 open 24hr.


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All American Lock & Key, Inc. Our Kawasaki locksmith specialists serve the entire Bay area, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, San Ramon, Livermore, Brentwood, Sausalito, San Rafael, Berkeley and more cities in Northern California. All American Lock & Key, Inc. provides referral services outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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