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All American Lock and Key, Inc. your Honda Motorcycle locksmith is proud to serve you at your location with professional locksmith services to all Vehicles. As a licensed and trained locksmith company, which work with experienced Honda Motorcycle local locksmith techs we will assure you the best service. Our locksmith team understands the importance of fast and effective services especially when you got locked out of your car or when you lost your keys. Our team will be able to assists you with locks and your car key and ignition replacement which will include programming as well. We also provide services in cases in which the keys are stuck in the ignition or were broken inside of it. Our mobile locksmith technicians will be at your disposal at any given moment with innovative and most progressed equipment that can solve almost any problem with your motorcycle.



Honda Motorcycle Locksmith Services Locations:

San Francisco -Oakland- San Jose - Bay Area



Business Hours: Our Locksmith Technicians at your service for 24 Hours all year long, open now.


Our Locksmith Services - Honda Motorcycle:

  • Honda Broken Key removed (key extraction)
  • Honda ignition key made
  • Honda transponder/Chip/Computerized key/ Electronic key
  • Honda won't turn, key or Honda stuck in ACC position
  • Ignitions repair - Ignition won't turn, or key stuck in ACC position: In case of ignition malfunction where the ignition won't turn or when your ignition was damaged, stick or gamed. Our locksmith techs will be able to assist you at any given time.
  • Honda ignitions replace - Our mobile locksmith shop has different kinds of ignitions that can be replaced on the spot.
  • Honda cylinder replacement
  • Honda Key replacement - In case you've lost your keys, need to replace or repair an existing key or would like to change your keys for any reason. We will be able to curve a new key for your car and program it to fit to your car system. Our locksmith team will be able provide you these services.
  • Honda lock / Honda / cylinder Re key (rekey)
  • Honda gas cap lock and keys
  • Honda gas cap repair and replacement
  • Honda Motorcycle seat storage lock repair and replacement
  • ECU/ECM reflash, ECU programming, ICU, Immobilizer Module





Locksmith Specialist - Honda motorcycle models:


Honda Beat (FC50) Super Cub C100, CA100, C102, C50, Sports C110, C111. C110D, C114 CB50 Dio Elite E (SB50) Elsinore (MR50) Express (NC50) Hunter Cub (CT50) MB5, Honda MB50 Metropolitan Jazz (CHF 50) Metropolitan II (CHF50P) Motra (CT50) MT5, MT50 NCZ50 also known as Motocompo Spree (NQ50) Mini Trail (Z50A) Mini Trail (Z50M) Mini Trail (Z50R) Mini Trail (Z50J) Moped (P50, P25) Moped (PA50/Hobbit/Camino) Moped (PC50, PS50) Moped (SFX50) Moped (SH50) Moped (X8RS) SS50 Trail 50 (C100H, C100T, CA100T) XR50R ZB50 Zoomer/Ruckus (NPS50) AC15 Super Cub C105, CD105, Honda C115 Sports Trail 55 (C105H, C105T, CA105T) Honda Super Cub C65, S65 C70 Passport, CD70 Motosport (SL70) ST70, Honda CT70 Trail 70 Scrambler (CL70) Aero 80 (NH80) XR80 CR85R Expert Super Cub C90 (12 volt) Super Cub CM90, Honda Trail 90 C200 Trail 90 (CT200) Super Cub CM91, C90 (6 volt), CD90 Trail 90 (CT90) S90 CS90, Sport 90, Super 90 Super Cub C100EX Bravo Scrambler (CL100) H100S Super Bali also known as SJ 100 Dio/Lead Trail 110 (CT110) Activa Aviator CB Twister, CB110 Dream Yuga/Dream Neo/CD 110 Dream XRM Super Cub 110 CB125 MT125R CB125E CD125TC Benly Super Sport (CG125) CLR125 "CityFly" CM125 Elsinore (CR125M) Juno M80 Honda LS125R Honda NS125 NSR125 (JC20, JC21) Scrambler (CL125) Varadero (XL125V) Aero & Lead (NH125) CBR125 Atlas Honda CG125 Dylan 125 Innova (ANF125) Honda Pantheon FES125 PCX125 RC143 Rebel Shine Sonic Super Sport (CB125) Super Sport (SS125) Honda Grom CRF150R CRF150R Expert CRF150F Unicorn CB150R Verza CBR150R Pantheon (FES150) NSR150 SH150, Honda SH150i TMX155 Juno M85 CD175 Super Sport (CB175) XL175 Juno K Reflex (TLR200) Phantom (TA200) CB200 CL200 Fatcat (TR200) Honda Roadmaster (CD200) Honda TLR200 Juno KA/KB CD250U CM250C, CM250T Nighthawk (CB250) Honda Rebel (CMX250C, CMX250CD) CR250R Elsinore (CR250M) Honda Integra (VT250F) Big Ruckus (PS250) Dream (CB250) Hornet (CB250F) CB250 G5 Super Dream (CB250N) CBR250 CRF250L MVX250F (MC09) NSR250R (MC16, MC18, MC21, MC28) Reflex (NSS250) NX250/AX-1 Spada (VT250L, MC20) XR250R CBF250 CBR250R (MC41) CJ250T Dream (C70) Dream (C71, C72) Hawk (CB72) Helix (CN250) Sport (CB250) CB250RS VTR250 (Interceptor and MC33) XL250 XRE300 Dream (C76, C77) Honda Scrambler (CL77) Honda Super Hawk (CB77) CB350 K4 SOHC vertical twin, twin CV carbs (Green only, UK) Honda Four (CB350F) Sport (CB350) XL350R Scrambler (CL360) Sport (CB360, CB360T) CL400 NS400R CB400N Hawk (CB400T, CB400T II) CM400 VRX400 Roadster CB-1 (CB400F, NC27) RVF400R (NC35) VF400F (NC13) VFR400 (NC30) CBR400RR (NC23, NC29) CBX400 (Bros) NT400 Four (CB400F) Scrambler (CL450) Sport/Hellcat (CB450) Nighthawk (CB450SC) Hondamatic (CM450A) Rebel (CMX450) CRF450R CB450DX (CB450N/PC14) Ascot (VT500, VT500FT) (VT500E) Ascot (FT500) CX500 Four (CB500) Shadow VT500 Interceptor (VF500F) Magna V30 (VF500C) NSR500 Silver Wing (GL500) Sport (CB500 twin) Tourist Trophy (GB500) Turbo (CX500) XBR500 Four (CB550F) Nighthawk (CB550SC) Four (CBX550F/FII) 599 CB600F also known as Hornet, and Honda 599 CBF600N CBF600S Hurricane (CBR600F) Honda CBR600F2 Honda CBR600F3 CBR600F4i CBR600RR Shadow (VT600C VLX) Transalp (XL600V) XR600R (offroad) Four (CB650) Deauville (NT650V) CBX650 Bros/HawkGT (NT650) NTV/Revere (NTV650) Nighthawk (CB650SC) Honda Silver Wing (GL650) Transalp (XL650V) Turbo (CX650T) Africa Twin (RD03) XR650L Dominator (NX650) Honda CTX700N Nighthawk (CB700SC) Honda DN-01 Deauville (NT700V) Transalp (XL700V) Honda NC700D Integra Four (CB750) Hondamatic (CB750A) Africa Twin (RD07) CBX750 Interceptor (VF750F, VFR750) Magna (VF750C V45) Magna Deluxe (VF750CD) Nighthawk (CB750, CB750SC) VFR750R RC30 RVF750 RC45 NR XLV750R RC212V Interceptor (VFR800FI) Pacific Coast (PC800) Crossrunner CBR900RR including CBR954RR Custom (CB900C) Super Sport (CB900F) aka 919 RC211V Gold Wing (GL1000) CB1000 CB1000R CBF1000 CBR1000RR Custom (CB1000C) CBX1000 Firestorm (VTR1000) Hurricane (CBR1000F) RC51 (RVT1000R) Honda VTR1000f (aka Super Hawk aka Firestorm) Super Sport (CBX) VTR1000R (RVT1000) SP1 & SP2 RC51 XL1000V Varadero Gold Wing (GL1100) CBR1100XX Magna (VF1100C V65) Sabre (VF1100S V65) Pan-European (ST1100) Super Sport (CB1100F) Racing Modified CB1100F (CB1100R) X11 (CB1100SF) CB1100 (CB1100A) Gold Wing (GL1200) VFR1200F CB1300 Pan-European (ST1300) Honda Gold Wing (GL1500) Honda Valkyrie (GL1500C/F6C) Ape series Cub series CT series MB/T/X series MT50 Express ST series Wave series Z series AirBlade Grom Bros/HawkGT CB series CBR series CM series CRF series CX series Dax Fury GL series ST series Valkyrie VF/VFR series VT series VTX series XR/XL series XR250R XR600R XR650L XR80 CRF150F CRF450R CRF230L CRF250L XR650L Mt250 CR250R CR85R Expert CRF150R CR125R CR500R Big Ruckus CN250 Elite Express, Joker Juno Metropolitan Metropolitan II Motocompo NH series Reflex, Honda PCX 125 and 150 Ruckus Silver Wing, Honda RC series RC211V RC212V NR500 NSR500 Honda RC213V Honda RC214V CBR 1000RR





Ever been a victim of a Honda motorcycle theft? Many events of motorcycle theft are done using foreign objects such as wires and screw drivers etc. Our professional and trained locksmith team is able to assist you in any one of the scenarios mentioned and more. We are available 24 hours for 7 days a week and always ready to help you.



If you are ready to order a locksmith service its better if you have your Honda VIN (vehicle identification number) in front of you.

Need a Honda Motorcycle locksmith? Need a new lock or key for your Honda Motorcycle ?San Francisco? Looking For an Honda Motorcycle locksmith in your area? Oakland? New ignition key for Honda Motorcycle? Unlock Honda Motorcycle? Honda cylinder repair or replace? Honda Motorcycle ignition repair or replacement? Our locksmith team also provides replacement worn out key, Electronic key, Key Fob, Programmable key, Smart Key, and Flip Key. We can assist with Remote head keys issues such as: Keyless entry, Remote head key, Push to Start Key, 1/2/3/4 Button Keys, Clicker, Control, Transmitter/Beeper. In Cases of key programs for instant: KeyFob, Chip, Transponder, Electronic/Fobik. Our professional technicians are able to provide other services such as: Case holder replacement, Computer reflash, Ignition Tuning, Cylinder housing, Ignition installation, Immobilizer antenna or Radio frequency issues. Call our locksmith specialists Toll Free 877-747-5625 open 24hr.


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All American Lock & Key, Inc. Our Honda Motorcycle locksmith specialists serve the entire Bay area, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, San Ramon, Livermore, Brentwood, Sausalito, San Rafael, Berkeley and more cities in Northern California. All American Lock & Key, Inc. provides referral services outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.


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